Acu Natural Health Clinic

Acu Natural Health Clinic

Done on a tight budget, this new Acupuncture & Natural therapy clinic has been designed to create a joyful and modern environment for both staff and clients. With pops of color, feature wallpapers and small touches that pay homage to the owner's culture, there is reason to feel a sense of peace and calm in this bright and uplifting environment.


Each of the five clinical rooms have a different feature colour in response to the therapeutic benefits of colour on patient's conditions. Much consideration has been taken to creating a unique healing environment through minimal though engaging design, warm features and uncomplicated detailing. 




"When I first decided to establish my own health care clinic I had a good notion of what I wanted my clinic to be and how it would feel - professional and modern. But despite having lots of little ideas I couldn't imagine what the final product would look like. After meeting Sandra I knew that she was the very person who could help translate my feelings and make my vision tangible and real.


Starting my new business I was quite financially restrained, however Sandra used her expertise and experience to devise cost-effective design options, materials and ideas that suited my situation perfectly. Now I have a beautifully designed clinic that I know I couldn't have achieved with anyone else. I'm so pleased that despite monetary constraints, I did not have to sacrifice my ideal clinic thanks to Sandra's ingenuity and industry knowledge. 


Throughout our relationship there was never any conflict. Sandra was always flexible and patient. She listened to my thoughts and valued my opinions. Sandra was also always accessible and made me feel like a top priority. 

I would definitely recommend StudioSK to anyone with interior design needs; it was truly a joy and pleasure to work with Sandra."


Jane Ma, AcuNatural Health Clinic, Bowen Hills (December 2013)